12 Things I Learned This Year - Month by Month

Hello loves! Today I felt like sharing something personal with you, so I resorted to writing up 12 things I've learned this year (sorted by months). I went through a lot this year! I graduated from the University of Washington, started working a big girl job or two, worked really hard on Life of Aani, you know, all that good good stuff ;)

14 Tips For Someone Starting A New Job

Hello my beautiful readers! Let's talk about careers and working today!

Life update: I'm so excited to share with you some great news! I started a new job! For a while now, (basically since around April of this year) I've been searching for a job that I thought was my dream job. Since I graduated this past Spring, I did have a job lined up for after graduation but within the first few days I knew that the office environment and role itself wasn't really for me. I ended up reducing my hours at that job and taking on a bunch of freelance projects to keep myself busy. However, I was still unhappy and didn't actually ever feel excited about going into work. Thus began the job application process once again!

embracing your uniqueness

Recently, a few blogger friends and I collaborated on a project called #CallToCulture. This really got me thinking about what makes me unique and how beautiful it is that none of us are completely alike. Growing up, I always wanted to fit in. I think that's what everyone wants when they're in elementary school, middle school, high school, and even in college. I had this idea in my head that if I dressed like everyone else, talked like them, and died my hair like them I would have a life similar to theirs. I quickly realized that no matter what I did, I would never be exactly like some of my friends and my life would never be identical to theirs. Throughout college is when I really began to love this fact instead of fighting it.

Why You Need Lash Extensions In Your Life ASAP

So if there's one thing I get asked about on the daily now, it's my LASHES! Anyone that knows me or has followed me for a while, knows that ya girl LOVES big, dramatic, and fluffy as can be eye lashes. Here are the top reasons why I think you should consider getting lash extensions, things to know before you get them, and details about which ones I have! 

It's Time To Start Loving Yourself

So almost every single time I meet up with any one of my single friends (and sometimes not-so-single friends) I always notice the same thing happening. We end up on any topic and it always ends with me having to reassure them how great they are. Whether it’s boys, school, hobbies, or even a quick picture posted on Instagram – we can all be so insecure about ourselves. The thing with me is that I’m pretty obsessed with myself. Believe it or not, I’m probably too confident in myself. At the end of the day, I know that I’m an exceptional person/partner and I’m always on top of everything I need to be doing. So with this attitude comes a life of everything you want. When you love yourself, you’re confident, and when you’re confident you’re happy, and when you’re happy you’re a magnet for everything and anything you desire. Okay, okay, let’s dive right into it then! Here’s 10 tips to becoming more confident in yourself and really begin loving yourself!