How To Celebrate Valentine's Day in a Long Distance Relationship

Ooooh hi beautiful! Today is one of my favorite days of the entire year! It's Valentine's Day! I don't usually celebrate it, but I love that we have a day dedicated to L O V E! It just makes me the happiest. What also makes me the happiest is the guy I'm with. He's pretty special and although I haven't shared a lot about this side of my personal like with you all, I know you guys have asked plentyyy about it before :) So, I thought it was about time I dipped my toes into this water for once and for all. Today, I'm sharing with you a little bit about my long distance relationship, and ways to celebrate this LOVEly holiday no matter how far you are from your special someone.

Life Update: 6 Months Out of College

Hellooooooo beautiful readers!

I'm sorry I haven't been as active on here lately! I've had some very busy times in my little life and I'm excited to share with you today what exactly I've been up to. As you all know, I really love my life. I work really hard to make sure that my happiness first and foremost stems from me. That's kind of the way I've always been.

Valentine's Day Maxi Dresses

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When I think of Valentine's Day I think of super romantic vibes! I'm talking your favorite flowers, the chocolate you crave all the time, and a lot of sweet time with your special someone. I also think about lace, silk, and fabric that just flows. This is why I think Valentine's Day is the perfect chance to rock a maxi dress! My favorite part about maxi dresses is how easy to dress down or dress up they are, but they make you look like you're a million bucks.

My daily makeup routine

I get a lot of questions about my every day makeup routine and the products I use! Here’s a list of what that looks like if I’m heading to work (or other weekday tingssss)! I've listed or linked all the products below! If a product couldn't be found online, I just linked a similar one instead :)

My Favorite Lipsticks Under $10

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I'm so excited to share with you today one of my most requested posts - what my favorite least expensive lipsticks are! This is a great question because if we're all being honest, makeup products can get SO expensive sometimes. And I'm someone who loves to have a blue toned red and a warm toned red and a red that has both tones... you get what I mean hehe. So below I've rounded up not just any lipsticks under 10 dollars, but my personal faves. These have been tired, tested, and loveeeed by me over the years! So, enjoy! Alsoooo if you end up purchasing one - let me know how you like it!