All About My Hair and Hair Extensions

Length - If you read my recent post, you know I recently went from chest length hair to shoulder length! I can't say that I don't miss the extra length, but my hair had gotten to the point where it just wasn't going to grow anymore unless I got a trim.

Texture/Type - My hair is very thin, in that the actual strands of the hair are very thin. Since college my hair has only gotten thinner and I've had a lot more hair loss. This made me want to desire that thick and long hair even more. Even though I have wavy hair, I never wear it completely natural because it's on the frizzy end. 

Color - My actual roots (and my natural hair) are a black-brown or a #1B shade (black shade with just a hint of brown undertones). However, I tried going to a blonde about a year ago so I still have that balayage growing out. Overall, I describe my hair as dark brown or a #2 (rich dark brown that contains a shimmer of copper undertones)

Extensions - My extensions are the Bellami Lilly Hair 260g 20" Dark Brown Hair Extensions ($299.99)! I get asked which ones they are SO many times a week! I chose the Lilly Hair line from Bellami because I wanted the shortest length with the most volume. I'm only 5ft tall so having hair that's anything more than 20" makes me look really strange! I've also had tried the Bellami Belissima 220g 22" but I thought they were too long for me and had less thick of wefts (less grams + more length).

The Bellami Lilly Hair -

Total weight: 260 Grams 
Total Pieces: 7Length: 20″ InchesLilly Range Contains:
  • 2 x 4 clip wefts
  • 3 x 3 clip wefts
  • 2 x 2 clip wefts 
  • Hair Carrier (storage bag)
  • Hair Hanger
I got the extensions trimmed and layered by a professional and matched to my hair layers because they come all in one length and a blunt cut and so they won't blend in with your hair on their own. I also had my hair dyed to match these extensions since I didn't want to dye the extensions (even though you can since they're real hair, I've heard it weakens the hair and lessens their life). Finally, I've taken a marker and labeled each hair weft in order of how I clip them in. I only wear 4/7 wefts and only wear all the wefts when it's a special occasion like a wedding or a super fancy event. 

Extensions Care - I always use a hair protectant on my hair and hair extensions. I also only use the lowest possible heat level on them. Furthermore, I store them them in an official Bellami hanger and storage bag, and hang them in between my clothes in my closet. I've never had a problem with shedding, tangling, or my losing clips. However, I take care of these hair extensions like they're my baby.

**Tune in tomorrow for an in depth tutorial on how I clip in my extensions!**


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