The Essential Accessory of 2017 - Baseball Caps

I don't know about you, but I can't go anywhere without seeing baseball caps nowadays! They've become such an essential in my wardrobe. It's the perfect accessory to complete any look. The cap I'm wearing in the photos below is one from A Breath of Mehek on Instagram! It reads my name "Aania" in Arabic and is custom embroidered! I love that it's unique and that you can request to get anything you want written on it! I've been wearing it non-stop! In the pictures below, I went for the ultimate basic-girl look and paired my hat with a satin bomber jacket with embroidered sleeves, a white shirt, gold earring hoops, black jeggings (SO comfy!), and my favorite white canvas sneakers.   

Reasons why you need this wardrobe staple - 
  • It's the perfect accessory for avoiding bad hair days or that second day hair look! I love covering my flat roots with this on a busy day.
  • Traveling with a baseball cap is so nice because you don't have to worry about putting on makeup while you travel or doing your hair. A nice ponytail, some comfy leggings, your favorite sweatshirt, and a baseball cap are going to have you looking and feeling great. 
  • Whether it's raining or sunny, a baseball cap is just what you need. When it's raining (literally 90% of the year) in Seattle, I like to wear a baseball cap to make sure my hood doesn't cover my eyes and that the rain doesn't get my face makeup wet. It's my favorite rainy day trick ;) I also think it's nice for those sunny days when you don't want the sun in your eyes.
  • Every Instagram Baddie needs a baseball cap! It's the ultimate accessory to pair with your thick lashes, winged liner, and dramatic highlight! Ooh, and don't forget your puppy filter too! 

Here's more inspiration from my Pinterest! ~


  1. I love wearing caps, I always steal my husbands as he has so many! I definitely want to get a hat from A Break of Mehek though, it would be cool to have a personalised one. Thank you for sharing, you look gorgeous as always .


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