How To Celebrate Valentine's Day in a Long Distance Relationship

Ooooh hi beautiful! Today is one of my favorite days of the entire year! It's Valentine's Day! I don't usually celebrate it, but I love that we have a day dedicated to L O V E! It just makes me the happiest. What also makes me the happiest is the guy I'm with. He's pretty special and although I haven't shared a lot about this side of my personal like with you all, I know you guys have asked plentyyy about it before :) So, I thought it was about time I dipped my toes into this water for once and for all. Today, I'm sharing with you a little bit about my long distance relationship, and ways to celebrate this LOVEly holiday no matter how far you are from your special someone.

I've been in a long distance relationship since probably about May 2017. If you know anything about long distance relationships, they're a lot like an in person relationship, but you live in different places. For us, it's about a 2,500 miles difference or like a 7 hour journey by plane travel - totally not as shabby as some other LDR (long distance relationship) couples! So you don't just get to see your special someone whenever you want, but when you do get to talk on the phone or FaceTime or anything else, it's a lot more special and valuable. I love the guy I'm with, so it's totally 100% worth it for me :) Also, when I do get to spend time with him in person, it's the best time ever.

Anywhooooo, as you can imagine, spending every holiday together isn't always possible when you live so far away from each other. I think you just gotta get crafty with it! Here are 10 ways to celebrate Valentines day with you special someone (near or far or very far hehe).

  1. Do something special when you wake up! You could send a long heartfelt text, send them a snapchat of your cute face if they haven't seen it in a while, call them first thing in the morning wishing them a good day, anything you think would make them smile right as they're getting out of bed. 
  2. Wear something special to your relationship! I know they're not there to see it, but I promise it'll make you feel just a little closer to them. I have a necklace that my guy gave me with both of our initials and every time I wear it I feel so much better. 
  3. Get something delivered to them! Everyone loves gifts and presents. It's even more fun if it's a surprise! You could get flowers, dessert, lunch, dinner, etc. delivered! You can get almost anything delivered nowadays! 
  4. Send them something! A care package filled with Valentine's Day goodies like chocolates, a stuffed animal, and some of their favorite things is sure to make them smile. My guy sent some cupcakes to my work this morning and I just about died from happiness. It was so unexpected and sweet! 
  5. Have a FaceTime/Skype date! Grab dinner, your favorite Netflix show/movie and spend some time together just enjoying each others company. 
  6. Send them a recent picture of yourself! Whether it's of you doing something cool, wearing something they love, or even just a silly selfie - it's nice to be able to see the face you've been wanting to see. 
  7. Make them something unique and personal! This could be personalized accessory, a hand drawn sketch, or something just the two of you share. 
  8. Tell them you love them and why! This is might not seem super necessary, but everyone has different love languages. Some people feel very loved by gifts while others need to words of affirmation. 
  9. Post a picture! Show the world how happy your person makes you and show them off to the world.
  10. Reschedule Valentine's Day! Sure, everyone says it's on February 14 but I think we should celebrate love everyday of the year. Make sure to celebrate it the next time you see each other in person. 
How are you planning on celebrating Valentine's Day? I hope these tips help you in deciding what to do for this special day :) I'd love to hear all about it!


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