My Proposal Outfit, Hair, and Makeup

What does a girl wear to her surprise proposal? Haha that’s the question of the century. I really had no idea that Farjad would propose when he did so I can’t say my outfit was super planned. Of course, whenever he’s in town I get some special outfits because I truly am that extra. Plus, I love dressing up around him – he has a great sense of style, I like to be able to dress up with him.

Engagement outfit – 

That special day, I wore a pair of white flared pants from Zara (I’m OBSESSED with these and own them in 3 colors: white, black, and emerald green), a black box tank that I tucked into my pants, a pink long length duster, and a silk scarf. I loveeeed my outfit and loved the way his eyes lit up when he saw me. I think he really liked it too. Silk scarves are easily my favorite spring accessory! I have so many of them now. You can style them in a wide variety of ways and I just really feel like they complete any outfit. Mine is from Nordstrom (like most of my closet haha), but I know you can find them everywhere nowadays. 

Oh, I almost forgot to add that I wore my favorite black Steve Madden heels with this outfit. Those are kind of my go to because they work with everything and they matched my black tank top. I can walk quite a bit in them too so I adore that too. 

Hair -

Whenever I'm around Farjad, I almost always have my hair down and slightly curled. I like to call it my cute, romantic curls hair. So that's all I really did to it - just lightly wrapped my hair around the curler. His hair is literally amazing and flawless so I think he def holds the hair power in our relationship. 

Makeup -

I'm someone that like to wear a lot of makeup, but doesn't like it to look like I am. Of course I want it to enhance my features, but a lot of powder and cakeyness is just not my style. I did a duper light coverage foundation, my usual bronzer/blush/highlight, and kept it natural without any false lashes. For my eyeshadow I did an everyday look but added a brighter shadow all over my lid to give them a little bit more of a pop. Lastly, for my lips I did a pretty bright pink for a v girly and flirty vibe. 

Some photos of my outfit, hair, and makeup are below! Enjoy!


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